Supplementary Regulations


Lotus 2019 Multi-Club Supersprint
Lakeside Park Raceway April 26th 2019
Supplementary Regulations. RACERS Permit# 19322

1. Authority

This event is a multi-club speed event and will be conducted under and in accordance with RACERS OH&S and Risk Management Policies, which can be found on the RACERS website at

2. Promoter and Organising Committee

The promotor will be the Lotus Club Queensland Inc. and the organising committee will be Geoff Noble, Steve Lennox and Craig Wilson.

3. Time, Date and Location

The event will be a Multi-Club timed Supersprint held at Lakeside Park Raceway, Lakeside Road, Kurwongbah 4503 on Friday 26th April 2019, from approximately 9.00am to approximately 4.00pm. The circuit is 2.4km long and the direction of competition is clockwise.

4. Permit

The event will be held under RACERS permit number 19322

5. Insurance

Licensed drivers, pit crew and authorised officials are covered by Personal Accident Insurance under the terms of the RACERS Personal Accident Insurance Benefits Summary./

For owners of vehicles that are registered for road use in the state of Queensland your vehicles will be required to have a Third Party Insurance (CTPI) extension certificate which you obtain from your Third Party Insurer and are required to show at scrutineering.

6. Officials

Clerk of Course: Dick Caplice
Event Secretary: Geoff Noble (Mob: 0419 643 365)
Chief Scrutineer: Giles Cooper
Chief Timekeeper: Emma Thoren
Safety Checker: Steve Lennox
Judges of Fact: Judge of Noise: Chief Scrutineer, Judge of Finish: Chief Timekeeper, Judge of Driving Standards: Clerk of Course, Flag Marshalls.

7. Eligibility of Competitiors

The event will be open to current members of Lotus Club Queensland, Lotus Club Victoria and Club Lotus Australia and other affiliated Lotus Clubs. All vehicles must be Lotus or Caterham derivatives.

The only competition licence accepted is either a RACERS Clubman or National. This licence, current civil drivers licence and current Club membership cards will be required for scrutiny/document checking.

Those without an appropriate RACERS licence and who is a current financial member or one of the invited clubs should apply for a day licence at

The cost of this is $20.00. Annual RACERS licences are available at additional cost.

8. Entries

Entries open upon publication of these regulations and should be emailed to

Entries will be accepted only if made on the Official Entry Form and are fully completed by the ‘bona fide owners’ and the relevant fee has been paid (inclusive for Lotus 2019 attendees who have selected the Track Day option).

Entry fee for invited members of LCQ on a ‘day trip’ basis is $295.00.

It is necessary for insurance purposes that names of all Pit Crew be listed on the entry form. Entries must be lodged with the Event Secretary no later than Friday 19 April 2019.

Multiple entries are allowed in one car but a complete entry and fee is required for each driver. Event Organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry


9. Cancellation or Postponement:

The Organisers reserve the right to alter or abandon the Event if the number of entries received by the closing date is, in their opinion, insufficient; or to alter or abandon the Event due to daangerous weather or if any part of the course is rendered impassable.

10. Fuel

Fuel will not be available at the track and fuel is restricted to ‘commercial fuel’. Leaded racing fuel is permissible.

11. Scrutiny

Scrutineering will commence at 7.30am on the day of the Event and will close at 10.00am.

A pre-scrutiny form will be required to have been filled out prior to attending scrutineering. If misplaced, please email for a replacement.

ALL competing cars must be presented to the scrutineers on the day and bear their “OK” before being permitted onto the circuit.

ALL COMPETITORS must present themselves at the “Scrutiny Bay “ prior to their cars’ Scrutiny and produce a current RACERS competition licence, current car club membership card and civil drivers licence.

For owners of vehicles that are registered for road use in the state of Queensland, a Third Party Insurance (CTPI) extension certificate MUST be shown at scrutineering.

12. Vehicle Preparation

Road registered vehicles need no special preparation other than:

  • an approved fire extinguisher and the fire extinguisher must be within easy reach of the driver whilst in a harnessed position*, and
  • if fitted with two separate fasteners on any front opening panel), and
  • on each throttle be fitted with a return spring, and
  • a blue triangle battery marker, and
  • all forward facing glass lights be covered with a transparent adhesive film.
  • Tyres are subject to scrutineer’s approval.

* Fire Extinguishers are recommended, but not compulsory. Where Fire Extinguishers are fitted they will be scrutineered and must be current.

Safety Cages are not compulsory but are recommended for open cars. ALL drivers MUST wear an Australian Standard AS 1698 helmet whenever on the circuit, seat belt or harness and goggles/visor (where applicable). Drivers must wear flame resistant clothing from the neck to wrist to ankle, including suitable footwear whenever on the circuit.

Working brake lights are COMPULSORY on all vehicles for Supersprints.

Any car suffering damage or mechanical failure during the Event must return to Scrutiny for inspection prior to continuing. Cars considered unsafe or unsuitable will be precluded from further competition.

All vehicles participating in track days at Lakeside Park must conform to the noise limit, on both a static test and trackside test, of 92 dB(A).

The noise test shall be measured from a position 0.5m behind the exhaust at a 45 degree angle, with the engine running at ¾ maximum revs.

13. Drivers Briefing

A COMPULSORY drivers briefing will be held at the meeting room adjacent to the control tower at approximately 8.30am.

All drivers will be required to sign the “sign on” sheet. Any driver failing to attend this briefing may be excluded from the event. The green, red, yellow, black and chequered flags will be used during the event their uses will be explained at the briefing.

14. The Event

The Event will start at approximately 9.00am and finish at approximately 4.00pm.

The Main Circuit Event will be conducted as a Supersprint with up to fifteen cars on the track at any one time and a focus on individual lap times. Competitors will be ‘seeded’ fastest to slowest within their groups to minimise overtaking. The organisers reserve the right to move competitors between groups.

The starting procedure and the number of laps per run will be advised at Drivers Briefing and may be changed by the Clerk of Course depending on the conditions of the day.

15. Classes, Awards and Point Score

Within the Sprint Division there will be a number of classes. While these may be changed subject to final entries, it is anticipated the classes will be:

  1. Lotus cars – pre 1995 (includes Caterham)
  2. All Post 1995 Lotus (normal road tyres, Factory fitted engines and induction)
  3. All Post 1995 Lotus (“R” spec tyres, Factory fitted engines and induction)
  4. All Post 1995 Lotus (non Factory fitted engines and induction)
  5. Any other cars.

In the sprint division, for each car, each “flying” lap will be timed and the single fastest lap of the day for each entrant will be used to determine the results. There will be an award for first and second place in each class.

Day Trippers will not be eligible for Lotus 2019 awards.

16. Timing and Transponders

Timing will for the event will be done by Lakeside Raceways Management using Westhold timers. Costs associated with timing and transponder hire will be covered by Lotus Club Queensland. Those using a transponder will be required to submit a valid credit card so that payment can be retrieved for any transponders that are not returned at the finish of the event.

17. Use of Prohibited Substances

During the event, consumption of alcoholic beverages in the paddock, pits or any other portion of the competition venue under the control of the officials is expressly forbidden until all practice or competition activity is concluded. Any driver or crew member who is found to be affected by alcohol on the day of the event shall not be permitted to participate.

18. Penalties

The Clerk of Course may refer to the Stewards any driver who:

  1. after leaving the circuit, re-joins the track at a speed considered dangerous to themselves, to any other competitor, or to any Official;
  2. is observed driving in a manner dangerous to either themselves or other competitors;
  3. disobeys the direction of an Official;
  4. exceeds 10kmh in the paddock/pits area. Penalties may include exclusion.

19. Children

Parents/Guardians have the responsibility of keeping their children (16 years & under) out of the pit lane and form up grid during the running of the event.

20. General

Catering of food and refreshments will be available on the day in the pit paddock area. Unregistered vehicles MUST NOT be driven outside the paddock area.

In the event of an accident/any damage to facilities at Lakeside Park Raceway or use of a Fire Extinguisher the Lotus Club Queensland reserves the right to, and may, claim the cost from the competitor.

21. Additional Information

Direct all further enquiries to the Event Secretary, Geoff Noble