Lakeside Events

Lotus 2019 will include a fabulous day at the internationally recognised Lakeside Raceway.

The track is located approximately 55 minutes drive from Mooloolaba and the day will be professionally organised and overseen by Queensland Raceway in conjunction with LCQ member, Geoff Noble.

It is planned to have two separate categories for the track – one a cruise or “Happy Laps” class entry for those who have little or no track experience in your Lotus and a Sprint class entry for the more experienced, confident drivers. To encourage full participation there will also be a Ladies Trophy.

Happy Laps participants will not require helmets or specific safety gear other than standard seat restraints. You may even bring along a passenger! You go at your own pace.

All cars will be scrutineered on the day for safety.

We hope to see all our visitors participating in this fun day, driving your Lotus for maximum enjoyment!